Frightful Festivities: Pre-Order Your Five Nights at Freddy’s Funko Pops Today!

Get ready for a spine-chilling holiday treat! Funko Pop is releasing a limited-edition series of Five Nights at Freddy’s figures just in time for the festivities. Pre-orders are now open exclusively at cooledtured.

Meet Freddy as Santa, spreading cheer with his merry red suit and a bag full of surprises. Each detail captures the spirit of the season, making this figure a festive centerpiece.

Chica transforms into a Snowwoman, adding a touch of icy cheer to your collection. With her holiday-inspired ensemble, she brings a unique frosty charm that’s both eerie and delightful.

Foxy takes on the sweet disguise of a Gingerbread Cookie, combining the mischief of the pirate fox with the sweetness of holiday treats. This unique rendition is a must-have for fans of both Foxy and festive delights.

Bonnie channels the magic of an Elf, complete with a candy cane and a festive green outfit. Bonnie is ready to rock your holiday display, bringing a whimsical touch to the horror.

These aren’t your average collectibles — they’re a festive twist on your favorite animatronic nightmares. Don’t miss out — secure your pre-order now on cooledtured and ensure these chillingly festive figures are part of your collection this October. Act fast before they vanish from shelves, and let the holiday frights begin!



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