Get Ready for Dragon Ball Daima: Goku’s Next Big Adventure

Get Ready for Dragon Ball Daima: Goku’s Next Big Adventure

Dragon Ball fans recently received huge news at the New York Comic Con, as Toei Animation announced the new anime Dragon Ball Daima. This upcoming anime commemorates the 40th anniversary of the beloved franchise while promising a fresh chapter to the story. Here are some pieces of information that you may want to know about Goku’s upcoming adventure.

Toriyama’s Involvement

Dragon Ball’s author, Akira Toriyama, has mentioned that he is more involved than usual in this anime. Unlike the case of Dragon Ball GT, Toriyama is the one who came up with the story. On top of this, he is also responsible for many of the designs in the anime. Toriyama taking such an important role in Daima increases the possibility that this new entry will be canon.

Plot and Timeline Placement

Set to be officially released in Fall 2024, Dragon Ball Daima introduces a particular plot twist since Goku and his friends have been turned into children. The trailer has given rise to discussions regarding where this story fits within the Dragon Ball timeline. Certain moments from the trailer confirm that Daima will take place after the final battle between Goku and Majin Buu in Dragon Ball Z. However, it remains unclear where it fits in relation to Super.

Anticipation and Nostalgia Trip

While the release of Dragon Ball Daima is still one year away, the anime is already carrying a lot of anticipation and excitement. It is no mystery that many Dragon Ball fans grew up with the anime and the development of the franchise. Toriyama’s deep involvement in the creative process and the context of the story with Goku going back to using his Nyoibo, are sure to give a nostalgic feeling to long-term fans of the franchise.

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