Kyle Hebert Interview @ Anime Magic 2023!

In the heart of the vibrant Anime Magic event in Rosemont, Illinois, the enthusiastic community of fujoshis found their voices resonating through an exclusive interview. Zealed Fujoshi, a prominent advocate of the fandom, had the unique privilege of interviewing acclaimed voice actor Kyle Hebert.

Known for his roles as Adult Gohan from Dragon Ball, Fat Gum from My Hero Academia, Aizen from Bleach and Escanor from The Seven Deadly Sins, Hebert's characters have become etched in the fabric of anime culture. The interview, both professional and light-hearted, provided a platform for fans to connect with the artist behind the voices they love.

The interview explored Hebert's craft, from embodying the growth of Gohan to capturing the commanding presence of Escanor. Hebert's anecdotes showcased the artistry and dedication that go into each performance. The exchange captured the essence of fandom's bridge between the creative process and viewer appreciation.

With the fervor of fandom palpable, Zealed Fujoshi's interview with Kyle Hebert at Anime Magic epitomized the magic that occurs when the world of fantasy meets the dedication of admirers. 

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