Level Up Your Collection: Pre-Order Overwatch Funkos Today!

Exciting news for Funko enthusiasts and Overwatch fans! Funko has just unveiled a brand-new series featuring four beloved heroes from the game. Get ready to elevate your collection with Funko Pop figures of Lucio, Sigma, Kiriko, and the notorious Junker Queen.

Feel the rhythm with Lucio’s Funko Pop, capturing the vibrant energy of the international music sensation. Explore the mysteries of gravity with Sigma’s figure, showcasing the brilliance of the astrophysicist’s cosmic presence. Witness Kiriko’s cunning warrior-healer vibe come to life and bow down to the fierceness of Junker Queen as she rules your collection with her berserker abilities.

These highly anticipated Overwatch Funko Pop figures are available for pre-order now, with an expected release date in October 2023. Dive into the world of Overwatch 2 by securing your order on Cooledtured. Don’t miss the chance to enhance your collection with these delightful additions.


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