Netflix Levels Up: Hades Hits iOS — What You Need to Know!

Netflix Levels Up: Hades Hits iOS — What You Need to Know!

In an industry-shifting move, Netflix recently revealed its exclusive partnership to bring Supergiant Games’ critically acclaimed indie title, Hades, to iOS devices. This exciting development unfolded during the highly anticipated Geeked Week ’23 event, signaling Netflix’s strong commitment to expanding its gaming library and delivering diverse gaming experiences to its subscribers.

Netflix’s Strategic Move: Elevating Gaming Content

Netflix Games made waves by securing exclusive rights to Hades, adding yet another jewel to its gaming crown. The announcement, showcased the streaming giant’s determination to elevate its gaming content, following a trend set by prior additions like Braid, Katana Zero, and Death’s Door.

Hades on iOS: A Faithful Recreation of a Gaming Masterpiece

Supergiant Games, the masterminds behind Hades, confirmed that the iOS version on Netflix Games will faithfully replicate the award-winning experience available on other platforms. iOS users can expect the same engaging narrative, innovative gameplay, and captivating art that garnered Hades widespread acclaim.

Netflix’s Exclusive iOS Launch: Thrilling iOS Users, Disappointing Android Fans

While iOS users rejoiced at the prospect of exclusive access to Hades through Netflix Games, the decision to exclude Android users sparked disappointment. Despite this, the focus remains on the groundbreaking iOS release, accessible to Netflix subscribers at no additional cost.

Netflix’s Gaming Model: Ad-Free and Inclusive

What sets Netflix’s gaming experience apart, you ask? It’s all about an ad-free and inclusive gaming zone for subscribers. No annoying in-game ads, and no surprise charges. Just pure gaming bliss.

Anticipation Builds for 2024: Hades on iOS

Fast forward to 2024, and the hype is real. Hades on iOS is a hot topic, and Netflix is preparing to launch an unparalleled gaming experience. Fully customizable touch controls and a seamless journey into the underworld are on the horizon, promising to leave a mark on gamers globally.

Exclusive Thanatos Nendoroid Figure: Pre-order Now on Cooledtured

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The exclusive launch of Hades on iOS through Netflix Games isn’t just about expanding accessibility, it’s a sneak peek into the future of streaming services collaborating with game developers. Netflix is on a mission to carve its place in the gaming world, and the Hades partnership is a major milestone in this epic gaming evolution on the streaming giant’s platform.


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