What Are Funko Pop Chase Variants?

What Are Funko Pop Chase Variants?

A chase variant is an alternate version of a standard Funko pop figure with a limited production run. They’re randomly included in batch orders of Pops which are either shipped out to retailers or for sale on the Funko site. Some chase variant Pops are exclusive to the retailers like Target or Hot Topic and even Comic Cons like San Diego and New York. Many are the most sought after figures in every Funko category.

So, How Are They Different?

Each variant has a sticker on the front of the box that says “Limited Edition Chase.” If you check the Funko site, you’ll find that most Pop character descriptions label whether it has a Chance of Chase. Chase Variants are distinguishable through a number of things Funko changes on the vinyl figure:

Unique Costume or Accessories — ex. common Captain Marvel is unmasked whereas the chase variant figure features her masked.

Different Color or Mold — Batman has a ton of chase variants in color through the years, such as a common black to chase blue.

Glow in the Dark — One of the rarest chase variants is the Pop Ad Icon Boo Berry glow in the dark valued at around $20,000.

Flocked — those figures with a felt surface, Deadpool has a chase variant that is a flocked Pandapool.

Metallic — figures with a metallic sheen to them, like The Flash with a Red Metallic chase variant.

Bloody — Usually for horror/thriller characters, the latest is Stranger Things’ Eleven having a blood-spattered chase variant.

There are other minor changes Funko has made to character figures through the years. They claim that as long as the box has that original “Limited Edition Chase” sticker, you have a chase variant.

The chances of getting a chase variant used to be a lot less. Originally when Funko started making them, around 2010–11, there was a 1 in 36 chance. Closer to 2018 they changed the odds to 1 in 6.

No matter how they are designated, these unique pieces breathe excitement into any collection. The thrill of the hunt and prospects of discovering that 1 in 6 super rare figure keeps fans hooked. They are the unicorns of the Funko world! Happy hunting, Pop collectors!



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