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PRESALE | Nintendo - Kirby Cookie Charm Blind Bag Key Chain Display - Box of 14 (Bandai)

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$30 Non-Refundable Down Payment Required

ESTIMATED Release Date: January 2024

Product Description

These Kirby Cookie Charm key chains are just so adorable that you'll want to eat them up - but you probably should not do it. Each Cookie-like charm features your favorite Kirby characters and comes in a blind bag. This blind assortment may feature the following characters: Kirby moon, Waddle Dee, Waddle Doo,Waddle Dee face, Kirby face, Meta Knight face, King Dedede face, Kirby drawing, Kirby sleeping, Kirby fruits, Kirby goal gate, Kirby hovering, Kirby 1 up, and Kirby logo. A 14-piece display will contain all 14 characters.

The Kirby Cookie Charm Blind Bag Key Chain Display Box contains 14 individually blind-packaged key chain charms.

Please note: Item selection is random. Items are in blind packaging. We cannot accept requests for specific items, nor can we accept returns on opened items. You may receive duplicates.